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I have made my own PCB for the ESP8266, the ESP-07 variant.

It is for my Home automation projects and all of them run with BLYNK to make a very easy way of Internet enabling :

Hardware features of the board:

  • Power supply: 8-30V DC
  • 5V switching regulator module
  • 3V3 regulator
  • Connectors for temperature sensors (DHT22 and DS18B20)
  • Connector for LCD display with I2C expander
  • Output for relay
  • Port expander with 8 pins
  • Reset button
  • Flash button
  • Inverter for driving a motor drive board (L298N)
  • Leaded components only (beside the ESP07)

Here the schematic:

Get a pdf of the schematic ESP07_pcb_sch_181219

And here the board layout (87 x 67 mm):



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