Morse sender

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My local radio amateur club asked for at little design to show the call sign – OZ7RD – of the club in Morse.
It sends a 30 sec “beacon” with output on and speaker off, then sends the callsign in Morse to the output and the speaker.

It is aimed to power a large 12V LED so the output has a MOSFET.
The board has a small blue LED and a speaker for demonstration use.
It is possible to adjust the Morse speed by two straps (JP1 and JP2), so the dot length can be made 80, 120, 160 or 200 msec.
JP3 is not used in the SW any more.
Another strap (JP4) selects if the speaker is wanted or not.

I made this in a little circuit with a ATtiny85 programmed in Arduino.
The ATtiny85 chip is programmed by a USBasp programmer.

Here is the prototype:
Here the schematic:

And here in PDF: Morse_t85_sch_211203
I made a board layout in Eagle and here is the PCB:
I got it made by AISLER in Holland, 3 pcs for 83 dkr, delivered in about 3 weeks:
An here the finished board:
And here the Arduino sketch:


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