VHF UHF dipol antenna

I made a very simple antenna for VHF (145MHz) and UHF (432 MHz).

I needed an antenna for my ICOM IC-E92D to connect to the local D-star node here in Randers.

It is positioned on the ceiling and so is a poorly indoor antenna.

The length is 860 mm from top to bottom.
Each leg is made of 3 copper wire 1.5 kv, normal household wire.
The coil is 6 windings of ca 10 cm diameter.

Compared to use only one wire this antenna has a much broader resonance point.
At 2 m (145 MHz) the antenna is a 1/2 wave antenna, SWR 1:1.5
Resonance 142 MHz, SWR 1:1.30.
On 70 cm (433 MHz) it is a 3/2 wave antenna, SWR 1:1.3
Resonance on 438.7 MHz, SWR 1:1.09

Detail of the 3 wires pr legHere the results measured by my Funkamateur FA-VA5 connected to the VNWA programme made by DG8SAQ.

Plot 100-500 MHz
Plot 100-500 MHz. The VHF resonance is a bit to low (pointer 2) and the resonance at UHF at bit to high (pointer 4), but a good compromise I think.
VHF 140-150MHz
UHF 420-450 MHz

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