This is my motorcycle page.

Update 26.05.2021, BMW restored

I have now restored many details and repaired many small problems.
Now it looks like this:

Update 04.02.2021, bought BMW R45

I have bought a new motorcycle:
A BMW R45, 1982, 35 HK, 77.000 km.


18.10.2020, sold HONDA

I have sold the Honda!
Now I am looking for a cheaper smaller older motorcycle.
A 400-500 ccm, maybe a Virago 535.

06.05.2020, bought HONDA

If have a new motorcycle:
It is a HONDA CB600FA, Hornet, from 2007 , run only 10.000 km

01.06.2020, SOLD YAMAHA XS650B

1998, bought a YAMAHA XS650B

It is from 1975.

I bought it in 1998 for 15.000kr.
I had to register it myself and pay the toll (6.000kr).

It is imported from the USA and so has a type number 447, and shows the speed in miles.

The bike is almost in original shape, but is has different exhausts, Sito, with more sound.
From 2010 it is a veteran og so insurance and taxes are much cheaper now.

It looked so in 2005 before an overhaul:

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