IC-7300 Mic buttons

UPDATE: in version 1.41 it is possible to make a software change to the Mic keys, so you do not any more need to make this  hardware mod i made before!

Here you see the setting I made to get the Voice Keyer to action for the Up and Down button

Key change for firmware version up to 1.30

I have changed the function of the UP/DOWN buttons on the HM-219 microphone.
I never used these buttons but needed a simpler access to the VOICE memory functions.
Now it is possible to use T1 and T2 with the UP, DOWN buttons on the microphone.
Only a simple change of 2 resistors (1K5) is needed.

The UP and DOWN buttons
Open the HM-219 by removeng the 3 screws
The circuit board, the red wire is for the up down function.
It is the S1 and S2 buttons we need, so 2 x 1K5 resistors must be fitted
Here shown the original function of the keys, UP – direct to ground, DOWN – 470 ohm

So the 470 resistor must be replaced by a 1K5 resistor and the second resistor must be  fitted in the circuit.

471 = 470R changed to a 152 = 1.5Kohm
Track broken and isolation scratched off to give place for other 1K5 resistor
Resistor in place, maybe not the worlds best soldering, but the connection is ok

Remember to enable the external keyboard in the settings:
MENU – SET –  Connectors – External Keypad – VOICE = ON (and KEYER and RTTY if you like)

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